The Zeitgeist of Dance

The Zeitgeist of Dance

Yeung Wai-kui


Dance came into Yeung’s life when he was a primary school student. He started choreographing in his high school days, and taught dance for adults in a newspaper office by the arrangement of his teacher. Yeung’s solid foundation in dance explained his achievement at the Hok Yau Club (HYC). Yeung was responsible for Chinese dance in the dance unit of the HYC. In an era when dance resources were scarce, Yeung was a self-taught dancer who took cues from different art forms. He created a variety of works including The Golden Feather, a programme which was part of the celebration of the inauguration of Hong Kong City Hall in 1962. He has been devoted to dance creation in the past decades, even during turbulent times, and his goal has been to reflect reality in dance. Currently an advisor for the Hong Kong Dance Federation, Yeung remains concerned with the development of dance in Hong Kong, as he stresses the importance of dance as a mirror to the spirit of the times.

Date of interview: 14 June 2016
Location: CCDC Dance Centre
Recorded and noted by: Lam Heyee
Translated by: Joanna Lee

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