We would like to thank the following interviewees for generously sharing their time and insights, which made it possible for us to bring to fruition the “Research Project — Oral History of Hong Kong Dance Development”:
(In alphabetical order by surname)


Mrs Florence Mo-han Aw
Mrs Joan Campbell
Ms Cheng Wai-yung
Mr Stephen Kwok
Mr Lau Siu-ming
Ms Lau So-kam
Ms Lorita Leung
Ms Julie Ng
Mr Ng Sai-fun
Mr Yeung Wai-kui

Further, we would like to thank the following industry colleagues and organisations for their valuable assistance throughout the project:
(In alphabetical order by surname)

Mr Ringo Chan
Ms Jessica Jone
Ms Vivian Kwok
Ms Stella Lau Ying-ling
Mr Lee Kow-chou
Ms Eileen Lee
Prof Leung Shing-on
Mrs Virginia Lo Liu Yiu-chee
Dr Lo Wai-luk
Mr Pun Siu-fai
Ms Tania Tang
Ms Peony Wong
Mrs Helen Tseng Wu
Mr Yeung Chi-kuk


The Association of Hongkong Dancing Organizations
Carol Bateman School of Dancing
The Hong Kong Ballet Group
Hong Kong Dance Alliance
Hong Kong Dance Federation
Lorita Leung Dance Academy
Starwave Dancing Academy
Vivian Kwok School of Ballet

The “Research Project — Oral History of Hong Kong Dance Development” is funded by the “Contestable Funding Pilot Scheme for the Major Performing Arts Groups” by the Home Affairs Bureau.