Sixty Years of Blessings

Sixty Years of Blessings

Joan Campbell


Joan Campbell was born in Reading, Berkshire. She came to Hong Kong in her 20s in 1954, and has been living in this city ever since. Hong Kong dance would have gone down a very different path had Campbell landed somewhere else, as she has involved herself in many firsts in Hong Kong, among which most notably was establishing recognition for the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD)’s Ballet in Education syllabus. Campbell’s contribution goes beyond ballet to Western folk dance, ballroom dance, and the mixed dance forms of the Hong Kong Schools Dance Festival. She will soon turn 90, but one witnesses how her passion for and practice of dance has helped her preserve her youthful vigour. During the interview, she spoke eloquently, elegantly and energetically.

Date of interview: 29 May 2017
Location: Carol Bateman School of Dancing
Recorded and noted by: Joanna Lee Hoi-yin

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