Lau So-kam


Lau So-kam is an overseas Chinese from Burma. In 1957, she moved from her hometown to study in Guangzhou. In 1960 she was transferred to join the Committee of Overseas Chinese Affairs (COCA) Arts Troupe in Beijing by official arrangements. In 1962 she received professional dance training at the Department of Arts at huaqiao daxue (the Overseas Chinese University). Since she moved Hong Kong in 1973, she has been devoted to dance-related work. Her involvement has spanned the public sector (such as the Hong Kong Schools Dance Competition and educational institutions), the commercial sector (such as Rediffusion Television), the community (such as the Hong Kong Fukien Athletic Club) and cross-border activities (such as leading local performance troupes on overseas exchanges).


Dates of interview:
(First interview): 4 July 2016
Location: CCDC Dance Centre
(Second interview): 5 April 2017
Location: The residential clubhouse of Aqua Marine
Recorded and noted by: Joanna Lee Hoi-yin
Translated by Nicolette Wong

Dance is an Art of Team Spirit
Lau So-kam

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