Cheng Wai-yung


Cheng Wai-yung is a Council Member of the Chinese Dancers’ Association, a member of the Board of Directors and Honorary Chairman of the Hong Kong Dance Federation, Chancellor of Starwave Dance Academy and Artistic Director of Starwave Production. Born in 1936, Cheng is now in her 80s. Since graduating from Hon Wah Middle School (now Hon Wah College) (Hon Wah) in 1955, she has been active in Chinese dance education for more than 60 years.。


Dates of interview:
9 May 2016 (First interview)
Location: Starwave Dance Academy
(Second interview) 3 April 2017
Location: Starwave Dance Academy
Recorded and noted by: Joanna Lee Hoi-yin
Translated by Nicolette Wong

A Lifelong Dedication to Dance
Cheng Wai-yung

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