The Cultural Significance of Dance

The Cultural Significance of Dance

Julie Ng


Julie Ng is the youngest interviewee for the “Research Project—Oral History of Hong Kong Dance Development”. However, as she started her professional career at a young age, the period of her activities in the dance sector overlapped with that of the other interviewees. Ng choreographed numerous dance performances for the film and TV industries; her work introduced dance to the Hong Kong public through mass media and made an important contribution to the dance sector. She was also a key member of the pioneering modern dance organisation Hong Kong Ballet For All (Ballet For All). The performances of Ballet For All opened the door for subsequent development of modern dance in Hong Kong. Ng’s study of and career in dance from the late 1960s to the 1970s also coincided with the shift in Hong Kong dance from revolving around Chinese dance to embracing Western modern dance. She is now retired, and spends her days taking care of her grandchildren. Her laughter rang out throughout the interview. It is easy to imagine the tremendous positive energy she radiated as a dancer in her youth.

Date of interview: 26 October 2016
Location: Julie Ng’s house in New Jersey, US
Recorded and noted by: Joanna Lee Hoi-yin
Translated by Nicolette Wong

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